Partnership: Sallar x Burn Cat

Burn Cat Sallar Partnership

We are thrilled to announce a dynamic new partnership between Sallar and Burn Cat, orchestrated through the innovative platform, Catamoto. This collaboration is set to catapult both projects into new heights of success, combining the unique strengths and communities of each.

About Sallar

Sallar is revolutionizing mobile distributed computing through its innovative DePIN Network. Our mission is to turn your smartphone into a money-making machine. By harnessing the power of billions of smartphones worldwide, we aim to create a decentralized economy that provides passive income for our users.

With Sallar, it’s simple: just connect to our network and start monetizing your device’s computing power. You’ll be supporting top industry and science projects while earning. Join the Sallar Snake Squad and make computing fun and profitable! 🐍💰

About Burn Cat

Meet Burn Cat, the MemeCoin with the biggest buyback and burn mechanism in the crypto world. Burn Cat, a hoodie-wearing feline, is poised to create the largest buyback and burn event in history, aiming to burn 90% of the total supply. This significant buyback and burn will commence just one hour after the token’s listing on Uniswap (base Chain).

The Burn Cat community is growing rapidly, and you can join the presale now to be part of this exciting journey.

The Partnership

In this partnership, Sallar and Burn Cat will work closely on mutual promotions and various marketing campaigns. Our goal is to amplify both projects’ visibility and engagement within the crypto community.

To underscore our commitment to this collaboration, we have purchased Burn Cat tokens in the presale for 1.5 ETH. This significant investment highlights our belief in Burn Cat’s potential and our dedication to a long-term partnership.

Link to TXN: HERE

The Burn Cat IDO is set to launch this week, and we couldn’t be more excited. Stay tuned for more updates and opportunities to get involved in this thrilling venture.

Join us as we embark on this innovative partnership, and let’s create a future where computing power and MemeCoins drive new levels of engagement and profitability.

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