Mobile computing on the blockchain

Mine and Stake Sallar Through a DePIN Network


$20,1 M





$20,1 M


by Hacken



Be radical, be revolutionary.

The proceeds from the sale of Revolents will be used to expand the Sallar ecosystem. Anyone can buy Revolents and enjoy the privileges that will be reserved for the initial ecosystem patrons.


Powering Utility.

Sallar is the core and connector of the technological and biotechnological startup ecosystem, providing services and producing products that can be paid for with a minimum 10% discount using the ALL token.


Securing Solana with Our Validator.

As we evolve, our goal is to provide security and share responsibility for ensuring the safety of the Solana network by establishing a validation node. The earnings from this node will be fully committed to Sallar’s liquidity token.


Support what is Good.

The proceeds from the sale of products from the Sallar store will be allocated for the development of both the Sallar Foundation and the Sallar ecosystem. Find something for yourself in our store!


Circulating supply:
2,6 billion tokens
Max supply: 54.6 billion tokens

Community Reward Pool: 95.23%

Treasury: 3.66%

Liquidity Poo:l 1.1%

Team: 0%

Majority of the tokens, 95.23%, are dedicated as rewards for miners who contribute computational power to the Sallar computing pool.
The community reward pool will be distributed over a span of at least 35 years.

We believe that our service will be widely adopted, and we aim to participate in acquiring tokens under the same conditions as regular investors.

How to buy Sallar?


  • No KYC
  • Pool SOL-ALL worth 250.000 USD
  • Instant


  • KYC
  • USDT-ALL pair
  • Top 20 global exchanges, Singapore


  • No KYC
  • ALL available in the swap tab
  • Fastest

About Us

The goal of Sallar is to transform the computing power of smartphones worldwide into a decentralized economy and a source of passive income. Our vision is to utilize the power of 16 billion smartphones to perform cloud computing for industry and science.

Connect your smartphone to the Sallar network and start the process of selling your computing power which will be utilized for clients from the world of industry and science.

Launch app

Connect to Sallar

Get your reward

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Global Computing Power Market Size, by Component, 2022-2032 (USD Bilion)

The Market will Grow At the CAGR at:


The forested market size for 2032 ins USD:

$81,3 B

The problem we are solving

New technologies like AI, cryptography, scientific simulations or data processing need a lot of computing power. The near future will reveal a demand for computing power like never before.

Where will the Computing Power delivered by You be used?

Every smartphone that contributes computing power to the Sallar network becomes a component of a supercomputer, poised to drive the next industrial and economic revolution. Utilize your smartphone to champion progress in both science and the economy.



Big Data




Get a side salary with cloud mining and more…


Participate in Sallar mining using our cloud computing protocol.

Every day, you can mine a certain amount of Sallar. Give it a try!


Acquire at least 20.000 Sallar to start progressive staking, settled every 24 hours.

With each passing day, you will obtain more Sallar.


Participate in the Metaverse and increase your mining and staking multiplier.

Strengthen Sallar with your involvement.


Vote and decide on the strategy, influencing the shape of the project and the core team.

Submit ideas and change the ecosystem.

Core team

In the beginning stages of any endeavor, the presence of a skilled team is absolutely essential. Our core team will lead the way in steering our initiatives towards successful outcomes. Day in and day out, we are unwaveringly committed to our mission.

Amadeus Ignis

Chief Executive Officer

Bartosz Misiurek

Chief Operating Officer

Denzel Williams

Chief Strategy Officer

Paweł Woroniecki

Chief Technical Officer

Alejandro Campos

Chief Community Officer

Kriss Sikorski

Chief Brand Officer

Maciek Mindziak

Chief Risk Officer

Paweł Orłowski

Chief Marketing Officer

Konrad Podstawski

Head of the Blockchain Team

Kamil Bierski

Head of the Unity Team

Ali Calli

Head of the Advisory Board

Jewell Jezzy

Community Moderator