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Sallar (ALL) Introduces Market Making for the ALL-USDT Pair

Tallin, Estonia (September 15, 2023) Sallar (ALL) core team announced the implementation of a Market Making strategy for the ALL-USDT trading pair, marking a step towards further project development. Market making (MM) is a trading strategy that involves continuously providing buy and sell prices for a specific asset. For Sallar, this is a significant step that meets exchange requirements, enabling continued collaboration. Next two steps The next step will be an attempt to establish a partnership with Jupiter to acquire infrastructure that can improve token accessibility. Another goal is to reapply for listing on the CoinGecko platform, which was previously rejected due to insufficient community base. Currently, the Sallar community has already grown to at least several hundred members, providing a solid foundation for a reapplication for listing. How to Acquire Sallar Token You can do so by using the Digifinex exchange or by visiting the official project website at sallar.io.