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Sallar (ALL) Receives Security Audit by Hacken

Tallin, Estonia (September 21, 2023) On September 21, 2023, Sallar (ALL) announces the completion of a security audit conducted by the renowned firm Hacken. This step significantly elevates the project’s security level. Hacken is an organization known for conducting code audits for major projects, including Binance. In recent months, they have audited Sallar’s code, resulting in numerous improvements and strengthened security measures within the project. Link to sallar audit: sallar Next two steps The next steps for the project include marking the security code audit on the website and social media channels and officially announcing the partnership with Hacken on the sallar.io website. Details of this partnership will be made available on the project’s website. How to Acquire Sallar Token It’s simple! Use the Digifinex exchange or visit the official project website at sallar.io.