Sallar (ALL) on the Solana – Solutions Against Climate Change

Sallar (ALL) on the Solana

Tallin, Estonia (September 5, 2023)

The Sallar Token (ALL) represents innovative startups that focus on developing next-generation materials with a positive impact on global climate. The long-term goal of the Sallar project is to create a universal basic income program, leveraging the Sallar token. This innovative approach has the potential to change the way we perceive the fight against the climate crisis.

Next two steps

The next steps for the project include plans to list the Sallar token on the Digifinex exchange, increasing accessibility and visibility for potential holders. Furthermore, the project is launching a marketing campaign focused on promoting Sallar and its environmental protection goals.

How to Acquire Sallar Token

To acquire Sallar (ALL) tokens, you can use the Digifinex exchange or visit the official project website at, where detailed information on the token purchase and storage process is available.

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