Sallar (ALL) Joins the Digifinex Cryptocurrency Exchange

Sallar (ALL) Joins the Digifinex Cryptocurrency Exchange

Tallin, Estonia (September 13, 2023)

The Sallar Token (ALL) has just made its debut on the Digifinex cryptocurrency exchange, opening up new opportunities for global holders. Following the listing, Sallar will be available for trading globally through the Digifinex exchange. Digifinex is a reputable cryptocurrency platform based in Singapore, adding prestige and security for users.

Next two steps

The next step will be the implementation of token trading enhancements such as Market Making, and the team will soon announce on which decentralized exchange Sallar will be listed.

How to Acquire Sallar Token

To acquire Sallar tokens, you can use the Digifinex exchange or visit the website.

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