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Referrals - How it works?

Step 1
Share your Solana address with your friends - Your address is your referral code
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You will receive 15% USDT of the value of transactions made using your referral code
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Your reward will be sent to your Solana address within 48 hours of payment processing
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Make a payment and receive a 5% ALL bonus on the amount of purchased Sallar
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    * To store Sallar (SPL token on the Solana Network), you can use Phantom Wallet. Please paste your wallet address associated with the Solana Network to receive Sallar (ALL).

    ** You can pay with cryptocurrency. You will receive the offer in the chosen currency.

    Sallar Roadmap

    Token ALL – community currency

    • Creation of the Sallar Whitepaper document
    • Completion of the token code development (Rust – Solana)
    • Establishment of the official Sallar website
    • Conclusion of the Sallar token code review by a leading global auditing organization (HACKEN)
    • Creating the Sallar token on the Solana Blockchain
    • Listing the token on one of the top 20 global exchanges (Singapore – Digifinex)
    • Establishment of a strategic partnership with Lean Community – Cross Ecosystem
    • The launch of Revolents – the Sallar NFT collection
    • Achieving a minimum of 300 token holders eligible for staking (>20,000)
    • Execution of an ICO for the Sallar token with a limit of 5 million dollars
    • Listing the token on one of the top 10 global exchanges
    • Reaching at least 1 000,000 people through a marketing campaign 2024

    Sallar APP – UBI Platform

    • Completion of work on the MVP application
    • Release of the application for the community – featuring staking (upon reaching 300+ eligible staking token holders)
    • Launch of the application feature – voting (upon reaching 400+ eligible staking token holders)
    • Launch of the application feature – control panel (upon reaching 500+ eligible staking token holders)
    • Launch of the application feature – mining (upon reaching 800+ eligible staking token holders)
    • Launch of the application feature – metaverse (upon reaching 1000+ eligible staking token holders)

    Wallderm – carbon capture technologies

    Stage 1 – R&D

      • Initiation of work on a high-CO2-absorbing building material
      • Development of a comprehensive theoretical basis and documentation
      • Assembly of a university team – 4 European universities
      • Establishing acceptance criteria for construction materials in accordance with market regulator requirements
      • Initiation of formulation tests
      • Initiation of manufacturing process tests

    Stage 2 – Development and Approval

      • Attainment of waterproofness per PN-EN 60529:2003
      • Achievement of fire resistance per PN-B 02867:2013-06
      • Attainment of compressive strength per PN-EN 771-1
      • Commencement of collaboration with one of the top 10 global manufacturers of construction materials
      • Field tests and validation of the material in real construction conditions
      • Preparation of a patent application EUR + US

    Stage 3 – Implementation/Production

    • Receipt of the patent EUR + US
    • Launch of the first production line
    • Commencement of commercial production
    • Expansion into other global markets and development of distribution networks
    • Introduction of the company to the stock market in one of the European countries
    • Expansion into global market

    Take Taxi – take a ride

    • Defining project goals and conducting market research to identify fleet requirements and driver recruitment strategies
    • Ensuring compliance with transportation regulations for fleet operations and driver employment
    • Procuring first vehicles, equipping them with necessary technical systems, and implementing safety measures
    • Acquisition of 4 drivers
    • Acquisition of 2 cars
    • Acquisition of 8 drivers & 5 cars
    • Acquisition of 12 drivers & 10 cars
    • Utilizing the fleet as a mobile advertising platform to promote the token in large European cities
    • Implementation of an initial daily token buyback mechanism: 10 cars – allocating 10% of daily profits, 20 cars – 20%, 30 cars – 30%, and 40+ cars – 40%
    • Deployment of the Sallar token as a payment method for transportation services in major European cities

    Sodion – power tech

      • Conducting research on sodium battery technology
      • Development of a battery prototype
      • Carrying out laboratory tests of the prototype
      • Implementing project optimization based on test results
      • Conducting certification tests and obtaining compliance approvals

    Nerve – old electronics, new computational power

      • Market analysis and applications of distributed computing in blockchain technology
      • Creating an MVP platform tailored for engaging in distributed computations
      • Prototyping the platform and performance testing
      • Commencement of the testing phase for users
      • Creation of an MVP software for mobile devices mining cryptocurrencies
      • Launch of the application feature – Monero XRM mining
      • Launch of the application feature – Bitcoin BTC mining

    Core team

    In the beginning stages of any endeavor, the presence of a skilled team is absolutely essential. Our core team will be at the forefront of steering our initiatives towards successful outcomes. Day in and day out, we are committed to the mission of establishing Sallar as not only a technological token but also a universal basic income program that gains widespread recognition. Our collective dedication and expertise drive us forward, ensuring that Sallar's impact is felt far and wide.

    Amadeus Ignis


    Bartosz Misiurek PhD

    Chief Operating Officer

    Paweł Woroniecki

    Chief Technical Officer

    Alejandro Granados Campos

    Chief Community Officer

    Maciek Mindziak

    Chief Risk Officer

    Paweł Orłowski

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Konrad Podstawski

    Head of the Blockchain Team

    Kamil Bierski

    Head of the Unity Team

    Ali Call

    Head of the Advisory Board

    Krzysztof Sikorski